Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Case of WhoDunIt

For anyone who knows me, knows I collect cats. I had a mind to collect kids but after two I switched to cats. I have four now and as much as I love the psychotic dears every once in a while they do something so completely vexing that ultimately brings my normally scheduled programming to a halt. Like the time the fluffy one decided to dip it's tail into a lit candle as he walked by, or the time the pair of kittens scaled the curtains and got stuck halfway up.

"I'm working on my tan."

Last week was another chapter in my tumultuous relationship with my crazy cats. It all began when I spent a late night feverishly editing Chorus of the Dead telling myself I could sleep when my laptop battery life died. When my computer finally shut down I gave a sigh of relief and went to bed. I think it was about one in the morning.

At sun up I was at it once again but my laptop would not turn on. It's less than a year old but if something were to go terribly wrong it would be during the most crazy, chaotic time in my writing career so far. After careful inspection I found the culprit, a shredded power cord with wisps of gray fur as my only evidence**.

A cat had decided my power cord would make a lovely midnight snack but then a few bites in decided plastic was not all it was cracked up to be and must have moved on to something else. Howevere, the damage was done and there I was with a completely drained battery, a halfway edited final version of Chorus of the Dead and no way to get it done without electricity.

"I'll never confess."

It took over a week and half for the new power cord to arrive in the mail and each nail biting day threatening to be a feline's last. I have yet to discern which cat is responsible but I am sure with time and a few more sessions of water boarding one of them will let the cat out of the bag. Until then however I will guard my new power cord with my life and make regular offerings to the postal gods for saving my tail.

Have no fear, dear readers, Chorus of the Dead is coming soon!

** I made up the part about the evidence of gray fur. I'm a writer, what do you want?

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  1. Lol, I wouldn't need to use creative licence re gray fur as all 4 of my cats have some gray on them and being the moggie variety seem to be in constant moult!