Friday, November 25, 2011

Almost Done!

Can you believe it? I am almost done my first draft of my mystery novel. I am in the midst of writing the final showdown scene between my protagonist, PETER AINSLEY, and the murderer he never suspected. It is all suppose to come to ahead in that one final, satisfying scene but I have a problem; there are so many ways I could approach this, it's hard to choose just one.

I want this to be big, and like I said before, satisfying. There is nothing worse than an author who can't deliver a good ending after a strong build up of tension. At least for mystery writers.

My ending word count should be around 85,000, and it's taken my 14 months to get to this point. I could have really focused and got this puppy finished months ago but I'm an artist and we never get things done on time.

It doesn't matter. I am in the home stretch. Man, what a party I will have when I can type in the words; the end.