Monday, May 27, 2013

The Birth of Another Book

For writers a book is almost like a child. We spend countless hours tending to it, nourishing it, training it into the finished product we had envisioned it to be. During the weeks prior to my first book's release I was a nervous wreck. I wanted it to do well. I wanted readers to enjoy it and get lost in it. It was hard to set it free into the world without overwhelming feelings of anxiety. I dreaded a one-star review or somehow loosing respect amongst my peers should it be proven to be drivel. None of these things happened of course, but I feared it nonetheless.

In the end the process of letting the book go, of allowing it to be found and read, was quite liberating. The finished product has found finality and the only thing left for me as a writer to do was sit down and write another one.

Last week, I set another darling free. Into the world my book, DEAD SILENT, went. A sequel to my first book, this volume addresses unanswered questions left over from it's predecessor and introduces us more to Ainsley's and Margaret's character.  We meet Evelyn Weatherall, the woman engaged to Ainsley's brother, and Julia Kemp, Margaret lady's maid. And my person favourite, we are introduced to Lady Gemma Brant, a friend of Lady Charlotte Marshall and a character in her own right.

So while I work on book 3 in the series, enjoy your read through Dead Silent and don't forget to put a review up on Amazon.

From the backcover....

Peter Ainsley's mother, Lady Charlotte Marshall hasn't been seen or heard from in three days. While Inspector Simms of Scotland Yard is 'unofficially' investigating her disappearance, Ainsley and his sister, Margaret, are loathed to reveal knowledge of their mother's affair despite it being their best lead to her whereabouts.

When Insp. Simms brings a body to St. Thomas Hospital's morgue, Ainsley is forced to admit his double life as morgue surgeon and second heir to the Montcliff earldom. With a new found ally in the police force, Ainsley gains access to information about his mother's disappearance and a new mystery regarding a murdered woman with childhood ties to his future sister-in-law, Evelyn Weatherall.

Scandal threatening two sides of Ainsley's family, the young surgeon uncovers an intricately woven tapestry of deceit, lust and a crime that forces him to decide whether family loyalty supersedes the letter of the law.