Monday, March 17, 2014

Old Man Winter, I'm taking the pineapple down!

If you have ever toured an old, manor house I have no doubt you've seen carvings of pineapples in the wood trim, mantel decorations and displayed on staircase bannisters. In Victorian times the pineapple was a symbol of hospitality. A home which displayed a pineapple prominently, usually at the formal entrance and often attached to the bottom of the stairway bannister, either inside or outside, meant guests were expected to arrive and would be welcomed.

These bulbous displays, also known as finials, could sometimes be removed and replaced with a sphere or other non-symbolic item. It was widely understood that a guest had outstayed their welcome when a pineapple was removed.

It's no secret that in my neck of the woods the snow and ice have been persistent this winter. As I type this the temperature outside sits at -24 degrees Celsius, and technically the transition to spring is only days away.

My friends and neighbours are desperate for the spring thaw after a particularly harsh winter. Because of this I have decided to revoke my hospitality, and invite you all to follow suit.

Old Man Winter you have outstayed your welcome. Feel free to move along. We will welcome your next visit when the time comes, but for now take note, the pineapple has been removed!