Friday, November 16, 2012

Victorian Funeral Rites

If you are fascinated by the dark aspects of history like I am you'll enjoy my guest post over at fellow writer Ally Shield's Blog.

I talk about my initial interest in ghost stories and how CHORUS OF THE DEAD came to in to being.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Cover Artist

Have you seen my cover for CHORUS OF THE DEAD? It's a work of art. I have to admit the day it arrived in my inbox with my name and title displayed so nicely I cried. It honestly was the most beautiful thing to behold.

While editing CHORUS, I stumbled upon a lovely artist, Claudia at who has a beautiful website filled with all her lovely creations. She works with a lot of publishers and authors and a lot of times when I see a beautiful cover I wonder if she had a hand in it.

Her style of art is alluring with elements of the fantastical. She only has a few covers that could work for a historical and a lot covers for paranormal and fantasy books. Every so often I visit her site and flip through her cover art imagining the stories that would go with her art.

I have narrowed down my choices for my next Ainsley book, titled DEAD SILENT. A gold star for anyone who can guess the art for my next cover.