Friday, July 13, 2012

CHORUS OF THE DEAD now available on Kindle!

My long anticipated novel, CHORUS OF THE DEAD, is now available on Kindle. Within a few days or so it should also be available on Kobo and other electronic reading formats.

I started writing this book two years ago, right when my family was beginning what would turn out to be a long house hunting journey. I finished the first draft in November of 2011 and I have spent the last 8 months revising, editing, revising and editing some more in an effort to produce the best possible book I could.

Peter Ainsley is the type of protagonist every author dreams of working with. His personality is so full I often feel like he is a real person and I am just relaying his tales that really did take place many years ago. He's slightly arrogant, a bit of a drinker and can often become so engrossed with his work that he loses sight of what others around him are telling him. At constant odds with his father, Ainsley can become quick to anger and lashes out at those he cares about. In all honesty, Ainsley is simply a passionate man. He adores his sister, Margaret and their mother. He abhors his family's fortune and tries to distance himself from it whenever possible. He has focus and determination which makes him an excellent surgeon but a poor friend.

Margaret Marshall, Ainsley's sister, is a fire cracker in her own right. Inheriting inner strength from her mother and an aura nobility from her father, Margaret brings grace, beauty and a feminine touch to Ainsley's cases. She struggles for relevance in the 19th century world and finds herself easily drawn where her heart leads. She helps temper Ainsley's passion and provides a sounding board for his questions. Thanks to her sheltered upbringing, her innocence often gets her in trouble but she is still somewhat young and over the years I see her developing into a strong female character with faith, love and beauty.

CHORUS OF THE DEAD is the first book in what I hope becomes a long saga chronicling the lives of both Ainsley and Margaret as they navigate the two worlds in which they live; the high society of London's elite, and the dark impoverished alleys of London's worst neighbourhoods. Join me on a journey that begins with book one.


  1. Congratulations, Tracy! It looks fascinating.

  2. Tracey, I love the name of your blog. Very creative. Downloaded "Chorus of the Dead" (another great name)and will definitely post my (I know it will be excellent) impression on Amazon. Congratulations. Margo (SeaScape)