Thursday, March 29, 2012

Satan Worshipper Mom... That's Me.

I have always had a creepy side to me. Strange, I know, but true. It's a stark contrast to how I appear to other people in my normal life. I am unassuming, normal and rather boring. I don't usually tell people I am a writer but it has been coming up a lot lately when friends talk to other friends about my book. A few weeks ago a fellow mom said, "I heard you are writing a book. What is it called?"

"Chorus of the Dead."

She became silent and her smile faded. "So it's not a kids book?"

"Um... no."

I don't know why people think that because I am a mom that I should automatically be sweet, kind, pastel and sing-song. I'm not. I never have been and the personalities of my kids reflect that. My daughter has been described as 'quirky'.

Before I was a mom, I was just Tracy who liked dark Victorian themes, gothic clothing (though I never had the courage to wear it), hauntings, morbid histories and eerie happenings. I am still that person today, only now I have offspring to influence and unleash into the world.

I am sure some of the mom's in the neighbourhood think I am a devil worshipper, but who cares. I am who I am, whether I fit into your predetermined "Mommy box" or not.


  1. I sat on the Mommy Box, I have no use for it. :)

  2. Lol, my influence has led to one offspring who is an Analytical Chemist and took as many Forensic science subjects as she could at Uni. Wonder if that says something about the reading material available in our house as she was growing up!