Monday, December 12, 2011

Falling In Love with a Fictional Character

I realized this weekend that I am absolutely in love with PETER AINSLEY and he's not even real. I made him up. Everything about him, his hair, his eyes, his arrogance and propensity to drink are all figments of my imagination and yet he seems as real to me as anyone else. I think about him all the time. What he is doing and where the story will take him next. I worry about his family and career and whether or not I am putting too much on his shoulders.

Because I feel such a connection to him I have decided to write another book about him. The editing phase of book one has begun and I am two chapters into my next book. I am also working on a submission for a mystery anthology and decided to use PETER AINSLEY as my main character in that as well.

Is this like putting the cart before the horse?

There is no guarantee that anyone will be interested in book one, so what makes me so sure there will be a need for book two?

Absolutely nothing. I am writing on blind faith at this moment hoping it all comes together. I really love the act of writing. Editing and marketing are okay but I do all that so I can write.

I am hoping I can approach literary agents soon with queries but should that not pan out, I have decided to self-epublish. And I really hope readers like Peter as much as I do.

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