Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Write? You mean I have to actually write something?

I have a bright shiny blog to promote my exploits as an aspiring writer. Okay now what?

I'm not really that daft (slightly so, but certainly not THAT daft). My plan is to post excerpts, book reviews and interesting writing or reading things I find. I will write a bit about how I feel about the projects I am working on and what is getting done, or not, depending.

I use to write literary fiction but found the genre far too subjective, elitist and, to be blunt, a bit boring. I shifted into romance, not because I actually read romances, you see. I had learned it is a very lucrative portion of the publishing industry. I was under the distinct impression that one could follow a simple formula to finish a 50,000 word manuscript and follow the corset-strewn yellow brick road to publishing. Not exactly. My stories were far too complex compared to the standard guy meets girl prototype. They involved too many characters and did not have enough sex. Well then...I'll just take my prudish-self elsewhere.

I only recently started to delve into the mystery world when I realized it was a genre that could keep my interest and feed my soul.

By this time I had written one partial literary fiction novel, two complete romance novels and a partial modern mystery that just was not coming together. In addition, I also had 60 rejection letters addressed to yours truly. What's a girl to do? I ditched them all, started from scratch and came up with Peter Ainsley, a Victorian surgeon who specializes in the dead and dying.


This is more like it. Corpses, body parts, murderers and mystery.


  1. So immediately Peter Ainsley is intriguing! Does he do deals with his local body snatchers? Does he finish people off? Have you taken a look at the Old Operating Theatre in London to get an idea of how he would have been operating? You'll have to forgive me, but I'm a pedant - dying people are usually dealt with by physicians rather than surgeons - rather less blood and gore!

  2. No, I have not seen that museum though we are planning a trip to England shortly so it will most definitely be on my list of 'to-do's". Thanks for the info.

    My first book has him being called in by a local physician to perform an autopsy on a little girl to help save her very ill sister. The mother's adamant refusal only raises more questions and quickly he is entangled in a maze of death and deceit. And yes, there is all sorts of dissections, grave robbing and methods of murder that come into play.

    I often wonder if I am having too much fun, given the subject matter.

    Thanks for commenting!